A Damascus court seeks execution for nine politicians accused in the Iraqi Conspiracy of 1956

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Image Source: Syrianhistory.com Archive

This article appeared in the Damascus daily al-Inshaa on 24 December 1956. The list of conspirators included the Damascus MP and minister Munir al-Ajlani (jailed), (jailed) Homs MP and minister Adnan al-Atasi (jailed), Druze leader Fadlallah Jarbou (arrested), National Party leader Mikhael Ilyan (fugitive), Syrian Army co-founder Subhi al-Omari (arrested), Druze leader Zeid al-Atrash (fugitive), the educator Adnan al-Aidi (arrested), the journalist and MP Sami Kabbara (arrested). 

The court is seeking execution for ex-President Adib al-Shishakli (fugitive), Bedouin leader Haile Surour (arrested), Druze leader Emir Hasan al-Atrash (fugitive), Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) leader Said Takkidine (fugitive), Commander of the Free Syrian Officers in Iraq Mohammad Safa (fugitive),  SSNP officer Ghassan Jadid (fugitive), Syrian Army officer Mohammad Maarouf (fugitive), Captain Salah Shishakli (fugitive). 

The court also sought a three year sentence for the Homs MP and ex-minister Faydi al-Atasi (fugitive) and the Damascus MP Adel al-Ajlani (arrested), among others.